CANNABIS MARIJUANA NEWS MAGAZINE Cannabis News Magazine is a website driven digital magazine containing news and information about medical, legal and fringe activity in the new and merging legalized medicinal, organic, and holistic health industry. We will cover topical issues on a wide range of subjects as reported from a wide range of sources. Our publication is available on all browsers and mobile devices. You can also check out our Blog, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn... we have the news you are looking for. Cannabis News Magazine is produced by Cloud Publishing Solutions. Our purpose is to bring news on the future of Cannabis and it's organic medicinal qualities vs the traditional pharma industry to see how this will all play out and to address the gradual legalization of cannabis (marijuana) throughout North America. While the USA is seeing gradual legalization from state to state, Canada will be fully legalized from coast to coast by mid 2018. A large number of physicians and scientists that are promoting the benefits of medicinal cannabis and have also stated that the standard pharma "pill/lab" science has just not been able to measure up with mother nature. Yet how will the legalization play out with distribution and usage. Well, we hope to be able to report on all of this with stories, news and videos in our digital magazine which is absolutely free. Please participate... we are looking for writers and viewpoints from users, growers, distributors, managers, medical and whoever would like to comment. Send to Holistic, Organic, Medicinal Alternative to Pharma