to exhibit high levels of the sleepy terpene myrcene. A favorite among patients whose pain keeps them up at night, this indica analgesic carries strong flavors of berry and grape that only sweeten the deal. “This strain is extremely relaxing/sedating. Felt the tension in my body melt away very fast. Back pain vanished into thin air after about 15 minutes. Relaxing, mellow, dreamy.” – (Indica) Skywalker is known to empower the mind with positive thoughts while letting tension free from your body. Multiple Leafly reviewers reported that Skywalker helped loosen the grip of panic and anxiety, allowing them to float restfully into a good night’s sleep. Take caution with its potency, however; a small amount of this high-THC strain may be all you need while large doses can exacerbate anxiety in unaccustomed users. “A little bit helped put me to sleep even through a really nasty panic attack.” – (Indica) God’s Gift is indeed a gift to insomnia sufferers. All that stress keeping you up at night feels suddenly overpowered by a surefooted sense of peace. Releasing the exhale with notes of berry and citrus still clinging to your tongue, you’re soon to feel your mood lift as your body sinks. “I started my session pissed off, stressed, and had the usual insomnia. God’s Gift wiped away all those problems in one fell swoop. I was left feeling happy, euphoric and relaxed. I went to bed with no struggle with a clear mind. I feel great today with no care of what ailed me yesterday.” – (Indica) Afghani indicas are famous for their heavy, body-focused effects. Afghan Kush, following in suit, is cherished for its ability to knock out pain, hush anxious thoughts, and anchor the body to one single goal: sleep. “Imagine a very large, fluffy cloud enveloping your body. Then add weights to your eyelids. Be prepared to feel an undeniable need to eat anything you see…and then somehow find yourself in your bed paralyzed. Do not smoke this if you are not prepared to sleep.” – (Indica) Imagine yourself on a cold winter night, wrapped in a warm blanket as green lights dance above you. This isn’t altogether unlike the experience provided by the Northern Lights indica, an old-school strain that has been lulling minds to sleep since its inception in the mid-1980s. Commanding sleep with a heavy hand, Northern Lights uses its high- THC content to annihilate pain and insomnia. Cannabis novices should approach this potent strain with extra caution, paying mind to dose low and slow. “If you have pain that interferes with sleep Northern Lights is for you! Hadn’t slept even half